Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete
Author Ai Yazawa
Publishers Shueisha
Magazines Ribon
Original run 1989-1991[1]
Volumes 4
Chapters Unknown (List of chapters)

Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete (マリンブルーの風に抱かれて, lit. "Embraced by the Marine Blue Wind") is a four-volume manga that Ai Yazawa wrote and illustrated during the late 1980s to the early 1990s.

It was published in volume format from 1990 to 1991 by Shueisha. The series was never translated into English and many of the chapters remain unscanlated by fans.


Haruka Tachibana is a young woman who works in a cafe near the beach, which she often takes long walks by with her dog, Dolphin. Her daily tranquility will be altered the day her friend Ippei Shimizu, a surfer, and newcomer challenges Tooru Arikawa and loses. The winner is none other than Arikawa, her first love, who has returned after four years living in the United States.[2]


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Consists of four volumes published on March, and September 1990, February, and June 1991.[3] It was serialized in Ribon from 1989 to 1991.[1]

Sometime during 2008, Shueisha republished the manga into three volumes in "Bunko" format.[4]



The cover of the novel

A novel based on Marine Blue no Kaze ni Dakarete was written by Kanae Shimokawa and published on January 3, 1997.[1] The novel is about 253 pages long and it's ISBN is 9784086143011.[5]


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