Orufeusu wa Sen no Tsubasa o Motsu
General information
Author Kanae Shimokawa
Illustrator Ai Yazawa
Publishers Shueisha[1]
Publication date May 10, 1997
Pages 255[1]
ISBN 9784086143837

Orufeusu wa Sen no Tsubasa o Motsu (オルフェウスは千の翼を持つ, lit. "Orpheus Has the Wings of a Thousand") is a Japanese novel written by Kanae Shimokawa. It was published on March 10, 1997.[2] The cover was designed by Ai Yazawa.


In 1940, the war is growing. For shelter, Yoshino-daughter of the nobility, goes to live in an old European-style building. A mysterious piano melody can be heard from a room, she opened the door of fate ... and found love.[3]


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