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Paradise Kiss
Author Ai Yazawa
Publishers Shodensha (Japan)
Madman Entertainment (Australia; New Zealand)
Vertical, Inc. (North America)
Tokyopop (formerly; North America)
Magazines Zipper (Japan)
Smile (North America)
Original run 1999 - 2003
Volumes 5
Chapters 48 (List of chapters)

Paradise Kiss (パラダイス・キス, Paradaisu Kisu) often abbreviated ParaKiss is a manga, and anime series. Ai Yazawa wrote it, and serialized it in the fashion magazine, Zipper from 1999 to 2004.

Shodensha published the series into five volumes in Japan, and Tokyopop published the series in North America, until they dissolved in 2011. Vertical, Inc. is currently planning to release the series into three volumes in late 2012, and early 2013.

The Paradise Kiss anime ran from October 13, 2005 to December 29, 2005, and consisted of twelve episodes. Madhouse Studios produced the anime, while Fuji TV aired it. Geneon Entertainment currently holds the license to its distribution in North America.

Paradise Kiss serves as a stand-alone sequel to Yazawa's previous work Gokinjo Monogatari. Many characters from Gokinjo Monogatari appear in recurring roles.


Yukari Hayasaka led a life of boredom, until a group of students from Yazawa School for the Arts discover her, and they want her to be their model in the school fashion show. Their leader George Koizumi, has set his sights on her after seeing her school photo, and refused to take no for an answer.

Yukari ultimately, did choose to be in the fashion show, and starts to develop feelings for George. Even though, she thought she had liked Hiroyuki Tokumori. Coincidentally, Yukari learns that Hiroyuki was childhood friends with Miwako Sakurada, and Arashi Nagase, two of Yukari's new friends. Yukari hopes for a sappy reunion, and wants to reunite all three of them. The meeting does not go exactly as planned, because Yukari did not know about their past

George, and Yukari continue to grow closer, to the point where Yukari could not, even stop thinking of him. They met up, and kissed.


Paradise Kiss first appeared in 1999 in the fashion magazine, Zipper, and continued to appear until 2003.

Shodensha published it in japanese, with a total of five volumes, and forty-eight chapters. Tokyopop had published it, until they dissolved sometime in 2011. Vertical Inc. is set to republish the manga into three volumes. They will be released in late 2012, and early 2013.


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Main Article: Paradise Kiss (anime)

The Paradise Kiss anime was produced by Madhouse Studios, and aired from October 13, 2005 to December 29, 2005 with a total of twelve episodes. The license to sell, and distribute the anime is held by Geneon Entertainment in North America. Since, then Geneon Entertainment has made a deal with Funimation Entertainment, who now releases the anime.

The opening called, "Lonely in Gorgeous" is sung by Tomoko Kawase under her pseudonym, Tommy february6. The ending is Franz Ferdinand's hit song, "Do You Want To."

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A film featuring Keiko Kitagawa as Yukari Hayasaka, Osamu Mukai as George Koizumi, and Yuusuke Yamamoto as Hiroyuki Tokumori.

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