Usubeni no Arashi
Author Ai Yazawa
Publishers Shueisha
Magazines Ribon
Original run
Volumes 1
Chapters 3

Usubeni no Arashi (うすべにの嵐, lit. "Storm of Light Pink Color") is Ai Yazawa's last collection of short works. It was published by Shueisha on August 10, 1992.[1]

The themes in Usubeni no Arashi are similar to the ones in Kaze ni Nare!, both involve the sport, baseball. Again, the protagonists are two brothers.[2]


"The title story is a slice-of-life school sports manga about a pair of brothers who both play baseball. While the eldest is a pitcher for a top-tier team with chances at winning the prestigious Koshien tournament, the youngest is a mediocre player with an attitude who has never gotten over the death of their father several years prior."[3]



Includes the title story, "The Flowers that Look at the Sun", and "The Last Unrequited Love".[3] It was published by Shueisha on August 1992, and serialized by Ribon.

In 2008, Usubeni no Arashi was republished in "bunko" format and combined with Escape. Other short stories were also included in the publication, "Sora o Aogu Hana," "Harunanoni" and "Futari no Seaside Park."[4]

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